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Caste all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Isaiah 43:19



You are here! When you are standing looking at a map on a signboard ‘you are here’ is often the label that helps you orientate yourself. On a recent visit to Granite Island in South Australia we were drawn to look at various sculpture installations scattered around the island. Some art works seemed almost to blend into the environment, others seemed bizarrely out of place. The last one to gain our attention was a mixture of both. One piece of art was the sign like one you might expect to announce the name of a park, simply bore the words “You are here”. Something about this sign seemed to be profound and humorous at the same time. How often are we really present in the moment? So often our concerns or maybe even our electronic devices transport us to another place.

Over the past couple of months, we have had a few moments where we wondered where we were or have missed being present in the moment due to many conflicting thoughts and adjustments to being back in Australia. Sometimes we have felt overwhelmed by the number of choices that are available in a supermarket, or found the adjustment to new methods of payment somewhat baffling.

Other times we have seen things with a new clarity that we could only have received by being absent from Australian culture for a while. Returning to Australia after 3 years in Cambodia has helped us to see some things in new light.

When we first arrived back one of our first questions was: Where are all the people? We could drive though a whole suburb in a city and only see people through windows of the car that drove past (presumably the remainder were hidden within the house where they live). In rural Cambodia where we have grown to call home, people spend most of their time outside. Houses are a place you might choose to sleep inside, but that is about it. There is so many more opportunities to build relationships with Khmer people just by the design of their homes. Khmer people in a rural village cook, eat and wash their dishes outdoors; they sit, entertain guests and even bathe outside. We have so many more opportunities to interact with our neighbours living in Cambodia.

Warm hospitality has been our experience of our time spent with friends right around Australia during our travels. Some of the homes we have stayed in however, purely by design, make us strangely feel isolated from other people. Modern architecture has taken away the outdoor sitting space on the front veranda, as well as the space to hang a hammock or swing a cricket bat! Aussie architects, don’t forget the importance of community and being a blessing to your neighbours…

In past weeks we visited friends at Wagga Wagga, Wodonga, Torquay and around Melbourne. More recently we caught up with South Australian friends from Laura, Broadview, Andrews Farm, Blackwood and beyond with more to follow. During the next month we have a number of opportunities to meet with people in 2 states, some of which are mentioned below. If you haven’t booked a date to catch up with us, please be in touch.

Global Interaction is the organisation that equips, cares for us and sends us to Cambodia. They rightly require that we raise 100% of the budget required for the next 3-year term in Cambodia. This doesn’t need to be all the funds in our hands or bank account, but if good people like yourself are able to pledge to support us regularly in the future that can be counted as well. At this time, we need to increase our support by close to $900 per month for 3.5 years. If you are in a position to become a financial supporter or even increase the support level that you might already give, please be in touch. We hope to reach our budget target through donations and pledges by April. If you would like to contribute either a pledge of a regular (monthly/quarterly/yearly) amount or a once off donation please be in touch, or click on the ‘Support Rob & Deb Griffith‘ link below.

Support Rob & Deb Griffith
We have been privileged to feel some beach sand under our feet and bicycle tyres!
A typical living space at a Khmer home.
For reconnecting in person with Rob’s parents for the first time in well over 3 years.
Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones across 3 states in January and Feb.
For valuable training opportunities and time for reflection, study and retreat.

For increased financial support to reach our 100% required target by April.
For our team in Cambodia as they prepare for a team gathering and covenant making early in March.
That God’s Mission, globally and locally, will be something that ordinary Aussie Christians see themselves as engaged in.
For team Cambodia members preparing for the transitions of home assignment.
For wisdom, discernment, family, rest, energy, fruitful meetings, sharing, travels, and daily schedule.