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He says, Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10


                        GRIFFITH GLEANINGS MARCH 2020


The world seems like a different place. When we returned to Australian soil in late November the world stock markets were continuing to climb to record levels. Despite parts of Australia having suffered from severe drought and bush fires resulting in devastation of thousands of homes, unemployment rates in Australia was lower than forecast. While we had been in Cambodia last year Australia elected a government that promised to return a budget surplus of 7.1 billion dollars and eliminate all debt in a decade. These things now seem a distant memory and the world news is dominated with just one subject.

Our own situation has changed quite a bit as well. We are still thankful for many friends who have loaned us accommodation and modes of transport for our travels and training, but our ‘wings have been clipped’ of late. This week we entered self-isolation back in South Australia after our travels had taken us to Maroubra, Kurrajong and Orange NSW. We had been preparing to visit Narromine last weekend, where Rob had been asked to present a message on ‘Fairness to the poor’ at Narromine Baptist church, but then the whole idea of meetings in places like church buildings became inconceivable.

We discovered on our last night in New South Wales that we were staying in the suburban area that could boast Australia’s most concentrated occurrence of COVID-19 infections. Before boarding our Adelaide flight, we passed through airport check-in and screening area where there was no need to worry about personal distancing. There was nobody else to line up with us. We certainly have little to complain about being ‘isolated’ in a place like Australia. In our thoughts about COVID-19 impacts, we can’t help but think of our friends in Cambodia, many of whom can’t afford to buy soap, let alone hand sanitiser to maintain good hygiene. If you require a ventilator in Cambodia you probably need to travel to somewhere like Singapore or Thailand. People in places like Cambodia are likely to be severely impacted by COVID-19.

Our plan has been to prepare for return to Cambodia for our next three years before the middle of the year. Right now, we know that we have to hold all our plans loosely. We had planned to visit friends and church groups between now and the end of May. To help us stay connected with people we have now downloaded numerous social media platforms that until recently we had not heard of! This week we have video style meetings planned using at least 4 different platforms. This week we are prepared for a Loom, Google Hangout, Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom chat together; although we hadn’t even heard about the first couple until recently.

Thank you to those who have supported us to share God’s love in Cambodia. Thank you for those of you who have encouraged us and shared stories with us in recent weeks about how Jesus changes everything. We know that these are uncertain and difficult times for many.

We still require further financial support before we can return to Cambodia. If you are in a position to become a financial supporter or even increase the support level that you might already give, please be in touch. We are required to reach our budget target through donations and pledges. If you would like to contribute either a pledge of a regular (monthly/quarterly/yearly) amount or a once off donation please be in touch, or click on the ‘Support Rob & Deb Griffith‘ link below.

Support Rob & Deb Griffith
Visiting people and events is changing to stay connected.
Rob’s Dad near 90 years old.
For safe travels around South Australia, New South Wales then two weeks of mandatory self-isolation.
Being well supported by the community while in isolation.
Sharing with many people so keen to engage in story telling in old and new ways.
For God’s promises reinforcing he never changes but he changes everything.
For the Cambodia impact of COVID-19 that will disproportionately affect the poor.
For flexibility and creativity with staying connected with others in new ways.
For our Cambodia team as we have currently three family units in Cambodia and three in Australia each seeking to share God’s living hope among the Khmer people.