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Some Background on Rob & Deb Griffith


Philippians 1:9 This is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.

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Rob & Deb Griffith


Cambodia is the second poorest South East Asian country, with 80% of the 15 million Khmer people living in rural regions, primarily as subsistence farmers. Nearly three decades of war and genocide have left the nation broken and economically stagnant, with the resulting population being predominantly under 30 years of age. However, this emerging youthful generation is beginning to engage with the modern world and as a result is finding a voice as it seeks to construct a better future. Today the Khmer people hold to a culturally Buddhist worldview but within that remains many animistic beliefs that influence their daily life.

The cross-cultural team lives in the North West region of Cambodia out from Siem Reap among communities struggling with poor health, low literacy rates and high unemployment. The team is committed to seeing faith communities emerge and develop in ways that connect within the culture.

Rob and Deb are passionate about being a part of God’s mission among least-reached people groups. They are moved by the injustice that people, like most of those in the North West region of Cambodia, currently go from birth to death without hearing the Good News in a way that they can understand. From the age of 17 years old Deb felt God’s call to cross-cultural mission. For both Rob and Deb this call was further confirmed through experiences of short term cross-cultural trips.

Rob and Deb will be part of the Khmer team learning culture and language so that they can build relationships that introduce the hope of Jesus. Our ongoing focus to learn Khmer language and culture will build and shape our insights and understandings of the Khmer people as we seek to build relationships with people of peace there. We both enjoy riding bicycles and exploring the outdoors which will add insights into learning Khmer culture.

Rob: Rob has enjoyed a career working in Agriculture and food production in South Australia and New South Wales. After growing up on a farm and gaining a Bachelor of Applied Science, Rob has been passionate about seeking to help Aussie farmers grow healthy crops to feed the world for the past 28 years. Recent experience in poor communities in Africa and Asia and an interest in transformational development activity has seen him study to gain a Diploma in cross-cultural studies. Although Cambodia is reported to have the lowest yielding rice crops of any rice growing nation, it will be important culturally to go to Cambodia as a learner and not as a Western expert thinking he can solve all their problems.

Deb: A background as a nurse and midwife in many different clinical and educational settings. Deb holds a Masters in midwifery. Deb’s last position was at Streetlink Youth Health Service in Adelaide inner city. This is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that comes under Uniting Communities governance. It is a health service that offers people 25 years or younger and their offspring that are from difficult backgrounds, marginalised, refugees, homeless or living in care, refugees or homeless shelters/emergency accommodation, or at risk of doing so. Deb offered services as a nurse/midwife with this vulnerable client group and learnt a lot from them. Deb has a passion for minority groups and individuals and she seeks to reinforce respectful inclusive acceptance for best overall outcomes. Additionally Deb has lectured either in nursing or midwifery or both at University of South Australia (UniSA) and Flinders University. Deb harbours an interest in doing a doctorate, however due to time, costs and the value of the qualification versus her relationships within a growing family it has never been a balanced option. Deb does have the initials in her name that suggests she could hold doctor status Deb Ruby Griffith is more than a gem of a name (DR Griffith).

Rob and Deb are transitioning with their four adult children. This is their four adult children who will remain in Adelaide, South Australia.

Jeremy 20, Miriam 19, Rebekah 24, and Nathan 22