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But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. 2 Cor 4:7
Vegetable gardens surround our home in the rural fringe of Siem Reap. While the men are away growing rice, fishing, or looking after cows, often it is the women whose job it is to plant the vegetables, manage and harvest the crops. Deb is finding preparing the vegetables for market is a space to share stories, to share hearts, to share laughs, to share sorrows with women across all generations. Mrs M* is one lady that Deb met in this space who suffered the cultural shame of not getting pregnant for more than three years. Sometimes a Khmer husband might find another wife, but Mrs M’s husband has stayed and been faithful to her. When Mrs M’s husband attended a party or festival, Mrs M never accompanied him. Attending public festivals are a significant part of life in Khmer culture.  Deb often sits on a bamboo mat with the women across the various ages preparing vegetables for the local market. Deb has been regularly present, observing, listening, and chatting with Mrs M amongst the vegetables & women gathered. For a long time, Mrs M did not talk or interact but gradually Mrs M got accustomed to Deb’s accent and limited Khmer language. Deb choose to sit quietly beside Mrs M and prepare vegetables on a regular basis. Most times the Khmer women laugh at Deb’s slow efforts in preparing vegetables. Deb tells them they will always be the experts. One day Mrs M shared that she had no hope in her heart, she had locked herself away in a safe place no one could find, as she hurt so bad that all roads to her heart hurt and would not heal. Deb talked with the women about the story of the woman who lost a coin which led all the women talking together about what was of most worth to them. There has been a gradual transformation in Mrs M. Initially Mrs M mostly looked down, occasionally taking a glimpse in Deb’s direction, but those looks have steadily transformed to smiles. Then more boldly Mrs M initiated the greeting which being younger to Deb is more culturally appropriate.  A transformation is taking place within Mrs M now days she is smiling inside and out. Mrs M is now pregnant and due to give birth mid next year. Please pray wellbeing for Mrs M her husband, and her baby and the Kingdom seeds growing in and through her as she shines and talks of her hope in each new day.

The Global Interaction team we are a part of has been growing. Presently we have a cluster of most of the team family homes located nearby to each other. Close to the new families lives Catherine in her new home. Two of the families need to move to new homes in the coming months, but desire to stay in the same area where a sense of supportive community has formed making life easier during the early adjustments period.
Rob and Deb live 10 minutes away to the South East from the cluster but close to the schools all the team children attend. A bigger team means there are many celebrations like birthdays to share which helps with the regularity of our get togethers. Apart from regular team meetings the men and women separately meet and pray. At the end of November, we will come together for a team retreat.

Deb recently welcomed a lady from the Day for Girls Adelaide chapter as they issued postnatal packs within the village health centre where Deb volunteers. Gifts that are treasured by the many village women.
Rob has a growing friendship with a local Khmer man within the village where we live to learn more about the Khmer culture and conversational language. As each village in Cambodia has a unique and different structure as well as special ways of celebrating festivals. We value sitting with neighbours and seeing progress in the ways we connect having been living here in the village for a year now.

Empowering women and girls worldwide through sustainable menstrual care and health education.
Rob meets with this former Buddhist monk and neighbour to explore Khmer culture.
Guidance in home selection for a number of team families. 
For shared experiences and growth as a team in more than just numbers.
For Mrs M’s long awaited gift of a first pregnancy.
Prayer Requests:
For positive sharing of each others stories at the team retreat 28th – 30th November.
For wisdom and patience in seeking renewal of visas.
Being fruitful as we sit with our Khmer friends as they do life and share themselves.