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God has invited us to join with Him in His mission activity as long-term cross-cultural workers. We were accepted in November 2014 to be candidates for long term cross cultural work with Global Interaction. We went through studies for a Diploma of Intercultural Studies at Tabor Bible College preparing for this transition. And from 15th December, 2016 we are living in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

It is our joy to be participating in God’s mission in a cross cultural context, but it is also with some sadness that our adult children will not get to join us in person on this journey. But, we are comforted that just as God has provided for their needs to date, he will continue to care for them while they remain based in Australia.

We are passionate about being a part of God’s mission among least-reached people groups. We are moved by the injustice that people, like most of those in the North West region of Cambodia, currently go from birth to death without hearing the Good News in a way that they can understand.

From the age of 17 years old Deb felt God’s call to cross-cultural mission. For us both this call was further confirmed through experiences of short term cross-cultural trips.

Rob has enjoyed a career working in Agriculture and food production in South Australia and New South Wales. Deb has worked as a midwife and nurse, offering care to the homeless and refugee communities in central Adelaide. Rob and Deb are transitioning with their four adult children as we are living overseas and all four adult children live in Australia. We value your support and encouragement of us a family doing life across continents; impacting us all personally.

We are part of the Cambodian team learning culture and language so that we can build relationships that introduce the hope of Jesus. We both enjoy riding bicycles and exploring the outdoors which will add insights into learning Khmer culture.

 If you would like further information about us please contact the SA State Office. 


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